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Home Marazzi Blog Stone-effect and multiple geometric shapes for the redevelopment of the Martinelli Area in Morbegno Stone-effect and multiple 4 stone shapes for the redevelopment of the Martinelli Area in Morbegno Past, context and contemporary architecture dialogue in materials including stone-effect stoneware and rational geometric forms Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel designed the redevelopment project for the Martinelli Area, a large, derelict industrial site, with new buildings that merge attractively into the historic, urban and natural context of Morbegno, at the gateway to the Valtellina.

After in-depth background analysis, the project set 4 stone to generate a significant improvement in urban quality by introducing functions in short supply in the town, creating 4 stone public spaces and services, and giving a new boost 4 stone retail businesses.

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The architects have reorganised the vast decommissioned industrial area and achieved a fine balance between 4 stone spaces allocated for residential, retail, office and entertainment purposes, while also covering parking and utility needs. Modern structures, designed to fit attractively into the town's urban context, have therefore taken the place of derelict buildings which once housed iron and steel 4 stone.

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Amongst them is building G, which successfully provides the link between the project, its stated intentions and dialogue with the surrounding context, with simple, contemporary forms 4 stone with complex facades featuring an alternation of coverings 4 stone solid walls and windows.

The ventilated wall in question was created with the carefully distributed application of Marazzi Mystone-Gris Fleury porcelain stoneware in multiple sizes. The Mystone collection is the ideal solution for architects wishing to return to the tradition of using stone in architecture without sacrificing the technical performances of porcelain stoneware, and with the option of large tile sizes also available.

Mount Parnon and Leonidio city are 18km away. Covered with wild vegetation, the restored Stone House in a quiet landscape, Amygdalia opens out to large verandas.

Mystone-Gris Fleury is a stone-effect stoneware inspired by a stone featuring a variation of shades and small inclusions of other materials, and it provides exactly the right link to the landscape in which this redevelopment project is located.

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