Anthelmintic activity of plant

Aim: To investigate the cytotoxicity of a fresh ginger extract on some skin tumor cells compared to normal cells.

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Material and methods: C32 amelanotic melanoma cell line and CCD human skin fibroblasts were used. The fresh extract obtained by crushing ginger rhizome was examined for phenolic content.

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Results: Both concentrations used for treatment induced no changes in normal the morphology and viability of fibroblasts compared to control cells. Amelanotic melanoma cells displayed profound changes in cell morphology such as cell shrinkage, rounding up and membrane blebbing and a decrease in cell viability in a dose-dependent manner.

Revista Galenus Hamamelis virginiana L. Prezinta frunze simple, alterne, stipelate, scurt petiolate, asimetrice la baza, ovale sau romboidale, cu margine dintata si nervuri anastomozate. Florile sunt hermafrodite sau poligame, reunite In glomerule axilare, cu 4 sepale verzui, libere, 4 petale Inguste, liniare, galbene, 8 stamine dintre care 4 reduse, sterile, gineceu superior, format din 2 carpele concrescute, uniovulate. Fructul este o capsula loculicida. Extractele anthelmintic activity of plant din frunze prezinta actiune hemostatica, bacteriostatica, vasoconstrictoare venoasa, periferica si vasoprotectoare.

Conclusions: Fresh ginger extract induced no changes in normal skin fibroblast viability, but caused profound cytotoxic effects on amelanotic melanoma. These results could encourage further studies anthelmintic activity of plant the intimate mechanisms of the antitumor action displayed by the fresh ginger extract.

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J Med Plants Res ; 5 14 :