Cancer patient abdominal surgery,

Language of Keywords: English; Romanian Abstract: The authors have operated a number of patients with gastric cancer, between and Among them, patients were resectable. TG with omectectomy was performed in 44 patients.

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Cancer patient abdominal surgery complications, intraluminal bleeding postoperative pancreatitis, intra abdominal bleeding, pancreatic fistula and small bowel obstruction were the most frequent surgical complications.

Most general complications occurred in the cardiorespiratory system. In 9 patients, re-operation was necessary.

cancer patient abdominal surgery

In the patients with extended gastrectomy, significant more complications occurred compared with gastrectomy plus omentectomy.

This could also be observed in the patients with splenectomy only.

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If more organs were removed or resected with T G. Mortality rate increased in these patients as well.

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The esophageal or other neighbouring organs colon, intestine, liver etc resection had no influence on the postoperative morbidity and mortality. Extended operations should be performed as the risk is cancer patient abdominal surgery, if there is hope for tumour clearance.

  • Note most institutions surgical sub-specialties develop their own bundles to address local issues by selecting a sub-set of the menu of elements listed Organ space infections, as they pertain to CRS, include abdominopelvic abscesses, anastomotic leak, and enteric fistulae.
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Rezecţia a fost practicată la bolnavi. Cu ocazia G.


S-a practicat la 96 de cazuri splenectomie, a fost asociată spleno-pancreatectomia stângă la 19 cazuri, segmentul toracic al esofagului a fost rezecat la 33 de cazuri, iar la 8 cazuri s-a ajuns la rezectia altor organe. Limfadenectomie largită, peste D1, a fost efectuată numai în ultimii ani.

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În ordinea frecvenţei a urmat supuraţia plăgii, abcesul abdominal, hemoragia intraluminală, pancreatita postoperatorie, hemoragia peritoneală, fistula pancreatică şi ocluzia mecanică.

Cele mai multe complicaţii generale au fost cardio-respiratorii. S-au reoperat 9 cazuri.

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Comparând cu grupul doar ometectomizat, lărgirea inierventiei la organele vecine a determinat creşterea semnificativă a complicaţiilor totale şi chirurgicale. Acest fenomen s-a produs şi după splenectomie, acolo unde în vacante de detoxifiere splenectomiei au fost rezecate şi alte organe, numai rezecţia pancreatică a dus la creşterea în continuare a complicaţiilor.

Incidenţa mortalităţii a fost mai semnificativă doar după pancreatectomie.

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Rezecţia esofagiană şi a altor viscere colon, intestin, ficat, diaphragm, etc. Se pare că din raţiuni de principiu este indicată doar extensia la limfaticele regionale ale rezecţiei.

How HIPEC Helps Cancer Patients - George Salti, MD, Surgical Oncology, Edward Cancer Center

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