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Cancer incidence in five continents, Vol. Lyon: International Agency for Research on Cancer. Mortality data National statistics are collated and made available by the World Health Organization for countries with vital registration systems.

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Incomplete or sample vital registration data E. Data from other sources cancer registries, verbal autopsy surveys, etc. Counting the dead and what they died from: an assessment of the global status of cause of death data.

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Bulletin of the World Health Organization. METHODS The methods of estimation are country-specific, and the quality of each estimation depends on the quality and amount of the information available cancer professional development each country.

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In theory, there are as many methods as countries, and because of the variety and complexity of these methods, an overall quality score for the incidence and mortality estimates combined is almost impossible to determine. A further assessment of the methods has also been described by Antoni et al.

Prevalence The sex- and cancer-specific 1- 3- and 5-year prevalence estimates for were computed by multiplying the corresponding estimates for c by the ratios of the estimated number of incident cases in in the adult population to the corresponding estimated number of cases for Int J Cancer.

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Estimates of global cancer prevalence cancer professional development 27 sites in the adult population in Cancer professional development Jul