Cancer professional organizations,

Among the chronic diseases, cancer is the most devastating, putting a considerable social detoxifiere cu lichide economic burden on patients.

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The cancer survivorship trend The cancer survivorship trend significantly grew in the last 10—20 years, therefore the problem of cancer professional organizations cancer-ill workforce became more and more a concern for employers, workforce agencies and governments to consider.

In a similar way, the growing population suffering from chronic diseases demands not only diagnosing and treatment services, but also provision related to rehabilitation, training and counselling, as well as adequate policies reflecting its needs. Several European countries have already begun to address this problem by designing and cancer professional organizations a bundle of policies, measures and initiatives, either public or private, at national or local level.

Several other countries including Romania are still struggling with meeting the basic needs of cancer and chronically ill patients. Both the level of awareness regarding the work related consequences of cancer and chronic illness, and the range of provision, greatly vary in different European countries and can be subject of analysis.

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The panel will welcome papers analysing the consequences cancer and other chronic diseases have on work and what exists in terms of policies and services in different national settings. Papers analysing the personal experiences of those who suffer and choose to return to work are also welcomed.

cancer professional organizations

The analyses could focus on the government or non-government NGOs perspective, or take into consideration the viewpoint of other stakeholders involved, e. Both theoretical and empirical papers, as well as quantitative and qualitative can be presented.

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