Cervical cancer staging.

Preliminary report.

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BolboacaClaudia OrdeanuViorica M. NagyZsolt FeketeLiliana ChioreanSorin M Dudea Abstract Aims: The aim of this study was to evaluate the use of pre and post-therapy transrectal and transvaginal cervical cancer staging TRUS, TVUS with contrast enhancement and strain elastography compared with clinical examination and magnetic reso- nance imaging MRI in the assessment of advanced stage cervical cancer.

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All included patients were examined clinically and underwent abdomino-pelvic contrast enhanced MRI and multimodal US examinations TRUS with strain elastography and contrast enhanced TVUS at the time of diagnosis and after radiochemotherapy. Pathology was the golden standard.

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Results: Eight patients accomplished the inclusion criteria. In ve cervical cancer staging the tumor stage was identi- cal on clinical and MRI examinations. In all cases parametrial in ltration was diagnosed by all pre-treatment examinations.

Corresponding author: Dr. Maria Alexandra Barbu, e-mail: m. There is a strong link between the presence of human papillomavirus HPV cervical cancer and its precursors. All patients diagnosed with invasive cervical carcinoma should be evaluated clinically by vaginal exam and rectal imaging by computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging or PET-CT.

Cervical cancer staging signi cant differences were observed in tumor size between clinical, US and MRI exams either at baseline or post-therapy, in native or post-contrast examinations.

The size of the tumor evaluated pre-treatment proved to be signi cantly smaller post-contrast in both US and MRI examinations compared with the native images.

Post-therapy, no signi cant differences were observed on US measured tumor dimensions when comparing native with post-contrast images. Oppositely, signi cant smaller dimensions were observed on post-contrast MRI compared with native scans. Conclusions: TRUS is accurate in the estimation of pre-therapy cervical cancer dimension.

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The post therapy tumor evaluation is better performed with MRI. The use of intravenous contrast agents on both examinations did not improved the accuracy of tumor evaluation pre- or post-therapy.

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