Hepatocellular cancer risks

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Abstract: The literature focused on data regarding the occurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma HCC after interferon IFN -free therapy is ambiguous. Researchers are preoccupied to find if the risk of developing liver cancer is related only to the therapy hepatocellular cancer risks se or it is influenced by a multitude of factors.

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We aimed to develop a local analysis of risk factors associated with HCC occurrence in patients with liver cirrhosis due to HCV hepatitis C virus infection treated with IFN-free therapy. We noted the demographic, lab, imagistic data and treatment procedures applied, comparing two groups of patients: the IFN-free therapy group — 89 patients and the standard IFN therapy group — 99 patients.

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Our observational study, even if made on a small number of patients, confirms that IFN-free therapy is safe, the benefits obtained covering the risks. Our study results did not find a link between IFN-free therapy and HCC occurrence over the known risk hepatocellular cancer risks liver cirrhosis, when taking into account multiple features of disease prior to treatment onset.