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Pentru 'durii' astia ai nostri cu joc de glezna : cine este pisica si cine este soarecele? The idea was to create the Jewish state about 7 years before it eventually came into existence after the war.

He took the banal, the ugly and hpv high risk with reflex to 16/18 dirty and made poetry out of it. Great poet he was indeed. Had he been born in the States he would have made literary history… Which brings me to the point of this blog. Despite all the efforts to sugar coat the dirty truth of this saga - with a bit of humour - the deeper you dig the harder the stench it hits you! As for my fellow country men what can I say?!

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Mare lucru nu! Daca o pica ceva si pentru mine si pentru Mitza mea sa fie primit ca doar oameni suntem. Asta sa fie paguba!

Dar sa vedem cum va scoatetzi cu Vasile…! Bula, ever the confident pupil, jumps to opportunity. Me, me. Mrs teacher. All yours, Bula, enlighten us. However, I should like to draw your attention to some literary facts. Those subject people where neither miserable in spirit nor in the poverty sense.

They had better years and worse years, I guess like any other family, but miserable definitely they were not. But this is the boring bit, Mrs.

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Without waiting for the teacher to interrupt him Bula launches in his astonishing explanation. Victor Hugo was by all accounts French. But, unlikely papilloma virus come si cura nelluomo this may sound some French men like Britain, to be more precise the south of it. And Victor Hugo was one of them.

Yes Bula, we know that. Well, Mrs. Teacher, during hpv high risk with reflex to 16/18 war Hitler stationed troops - many thousands of soldiers - on the little island of Guernsey. A disproportionate number of soldiers you may say, given the relative low strategic importance of the island.

And this is something that has baffled amateur historians, like myself. Why Bula? And so, he amassed there all those troops for keeping Guernsey german. Purely on symbolical grounds. Such knowledge Bula, you amaze me.

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Anything else, Bula? I should also mention that France was divided in the 2 regions, the North and the South. And that Mosley was eyeing some sort of union with the north! What made him paint the 2 famous series of masterpieces? I do, replied Bula.

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You see, Mrs. But because they did, Vasile was made to pay for this union latter on in life when he got struck down by that rare and mysterious illness. The teacher, irritated by the intrusive and insolent question put Bula down retorting: stop raising stupid non-sensical questions. You remind me of Don Quixote and his endless battles with the wind mills!

I suggest you read less SciFi and more of the stuff that has been vetted and endorsed by our trusted institutions.

I would have told you go find a more worthy prick than this one. He is part of the problem not of the solution!

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Good morning class! Goood mooorning Mrs.

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Encouraged by these positive signs the teacher decides to ask him a few questions on the topic of the day, the German culture. I will do my very best, Mrs.

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OK Bula, what can you tell us about Goethe? Without any hesitation Bula replies: Goethe was a guy a bit like Eminescu only his rhymes were in German. What can you tell us about him?

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Without hesitation Bula replies. In this case, perhaps you can you tell us something about Bethoven? I know for instance, Mrs. Let's try again. May be you know something about Wagner?

I know, Mrs. The teacher, increasingly annoyed, tries again. How about Nietzsche, have you ever heard of him, Bula? Teacher, that he was German and that he is famous for thinking more than others. Altogether exasperated by the inept answers, the teacher tries one more time.

How about Kant, can you tell us something about him? Surely I can, Mrs.

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