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Romanian dancer Razy Gogonea, 28, bounded onto the stage as he ran on on his knees, dressed as Keanu Reeves' character Neo from the infamous sci-fi movie. Watched by his girlfriend in the audience, Razy amazed the judges with his hpv in mouth picture performance, which saw him bend and move his body like nobody else.

Afterwards, the judges praised the creativity of his audition and the beautiful choreography Afterwards, judge Michael McIntyre said: 'I loved you Razy, there were things I never seen humans do. I thought it was excellent, I really enjoyed watching it. You are Neo from The Matrix.

hpv in mouth picture

Beautifully choreographed, excellent job. Well done! Well done. The show opened in Manchester, with the judges looking forward to the talent on offer in the city.

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Before the auditions started, Amanda said: 'I'm always excited when I come to Manchester - for me it's like my second home. Nutter: Martial arts expert Micky said he had been practicing 'like a nutter' for his audition Incredible: The year-old did a one-fingered press up on top of a nail, but was said to not be entertaining enough for the judges A year-old martial arts expert, Micky said he 'trained like a nutter' before hpv pode dar cancer de mama to the stage, boasting that he can 'throw a watermelon in the air and cut it with his fingers'.

Asked by David Hasselhoff what he was going to do, Micky said he would be performing a one-fingered press-up on top of a nail. Micky managed a staggering 10 push ups on top of the nail, leaving the judges cringing, before his finger slipped off the nail.

Afterwards, Michael said: 'I did feel it's an amazing hpv in mouth picture to do more than one of them but ultimately we're looking for entertainment and I wasn't entertained. The audience gave the family double act huge applause and a standing ovation Next up was granddaughter and grandfather duo Ted, 91, and year-old Grace.

Ted revealed he used to be a professional entertainer and gave it up when his daughter was born.

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Before hitting the stage, Ted admitted he was concerned about letting Grace down. Struggling to hear what the judges were saying, Ted misheard Amanda asking him if he was retired, saying: 'Yes, I am tired! They then sang New York, New York, much to the delight of the judges and the audience.

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What's that? Ted struggles to hear Amanda talking to him and uses Grace as his interpreter And while Ted struggled at points, forgetting to hold hpv in mouth picture microphone up to his mouth, the pair thoroughly entertained with their performance. After their audition, David said: 'I think the Queen will love this - this beats the hell out of America's Got Talent. Terrific job, well done.

I thought it was a brilliant, entertaining act. Who are you?

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Les Gibson stunned the audience with his celebrity impressions I'm going to smash his head in: Dec was less than flattered by Les' impression Before performing for the judges, Les said he had been performing impressions full-time for 13 years but sometimes struggled with the insecurity of being a self-employed impressionist. Les opened his audition with an impression of Ant and Dec, much to the amusement of the Britain's Got Talent presenters. And while Ant was thrilled with his impression, Dec said he was disappointed that he sounded so camp, laughing: 'I'm going to smash his face in!

hpv in mouth picture

Not so good: Comedian Elaine Williams' act didn't go down too well and she was booed off the stage I'm outta here: Elaine swore at the audience and stormed off the stage However, while Amanda and Michael were impressed, David looked slightly out of his depth witht he Corrie impersonation. Afterwards, Michael said: 'I think you were brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed it. You obviously have a very diverse range.

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Supply teacher Linda and her dog Fen were up next, but failed to impress the panel and received three nos. Elaine told Ant and Dec she couldn't cope with being booed by the audience Musician James Kingg played the keyboard but was quickly buzzed by the judges and was sent home. Lollipop lady Margaret Austin was also unsuccessful with her audition. Elaine Williams took to the stage next with a comedy act, after admitting previously that she was in college doing a course on soup and sauces.

However, before her performance, Elaine said she had only performed stand-up comedy about six times. The next segment of the show opened in Birmingham, where the first act up was Pipp and her puppy Buddy. The pair performed Pie Jesu, with Pipp singing opera and Buddy joining in howling at the highest points.

After receiving a standing ovation from the audience, Pipp gave Buddy a big hug and kiss before waiting for the comments from the judges.

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An audience with Edward Reid: Scottish singer Edward performed nursery rhymes to the soundtrack of Snow Patrol's Run Hitting the high hpv in mouth picture Edward stunned the audience with his humorous performance Michael said: 'You never know what to expect but this was very surprising. Congratulations, well done!

Drama teacher Edward Reid, 35, was first up when the auditions moved to Glasgow. Asked what his dreams are, Edward replied: 'This might sound really cheesy but ever since I was a little boy I have wanted to have An audience with Edward Reid. Afterwards, Michael said: 'Edward Reid - nobody saw that coming.

I don't know what's going to happen to you after this competition but Hpv in mouth picture can definitely see you being booked for Elton John's child's first birthday party. I didn't think it would come in this form but Glasgow has got talent! Thank God for you.

Terrific job.