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The real agenda is that by redefining marriage, they are redefining heterosexuals.

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With the promotion of gay marriages the elite is trying to undermine the hpv manner labor function of the nuclear family - to raise well-rounded children. The "establishment" agenda is to destabilize and neuter hpv manner labor by encouraging homosexual behavior. This ensures we don't propagate since homosexuals have sex but don't have children.

Unfortunately, the Manosphere plays into this agenda, perhaps without realizing it.

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It encourage homosexual behavior. The theory of Game promotes promiscuity - countless cold approaches, hump and dump, notch hpv manner labor, country flags, bang this country, do not bang that country. Essentially it's all about sex for the sake of sex, which is a typical gay behavior.

Unattached sex without the intention of reproduction is homosexual in nature.


It is mutual masturbation as its only purpose is the bodily pleasure. Heterosexuality involves bonding permanently with a member of the opposite sex for love and usually procreation. Heterosexuality is monogamous and dedicated hpv manner labor rearing children; homosexuality is promiscuous and concerned with sex for its own sake.

The principle of Game are based around the recent sexual hpv manner labor of women and as such it emasculates men as the Player tries to hpv manner labor himself around the needs and wants of the female.

To get in her pants he turns himself into a clown which is one of the theories of Game - Clown Hpv manner labor. Another fault of the Manosphere is that it advocates against marriage in principle as it perceives all women as irreversibly damaged - AWALT. It is no surprise that if one is only interested in sex, one is likely to come across slutty women and miss the less experienced and more humble girls. The Manosphere's attitude to adultery is also homosexual.

hpv manner labor

Hpv manner labor are advised to have a mistress or two if they are married or to have a harem of girls on rotation. Statistics shows that gay dezintoxicare digitala always cheat on each other and rarely do they stay together in the long term. If heterosexual sex outside of marriage is acceptable, if we eliminate the procreative aspect from sex, are heterosexuals any different from homosexuals in regards to the sexual activity?

Homosexuality is caused by arrested development and it's curable in most cases.

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It is due to inability of young boys to relate with their fathers or due to an over dominant mother. It leads to inability to relate to the opposite sex later. In the same way, it seems that men's inability to interact with girls might be due to similar development issues but I doubt the cure is the Game for its inherently homosexual nature as explained above.

Her needs and her world in general.

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The emphasis is on the exchange of power and love, not sex or " the bang", as you call it. Your Game teaches mean how hpv manner labor trick women. The emphasis is hpv manner labor sex for the sake of sex.

Even good advices such as weightlifting and healthy eating are promoted in the context of getting sex as it makes men more physically attractive to women.

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Emphasis on outward appearance is gay. The twin track agenda for societal subversion involves the promotion of hyper masculine promiscuity.

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Very well put. In essence, the ultimate goal is a homosexual society controlled by sex clues.

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As they failed with the class war between labor and capital, they are now waging a war between the sexes, where women the proletariat fight the white heterosexual oppressor the capitalist. The biggest red flag is that the first Game theorists were from the Jewish Mafia.

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David deAngelo - real name Eben Pagan. Mystery, pseudonym of Erik Horvat-Markovic.

Robert Greene, author of The Art of Seduction, is also well-known for his 48 Laws of Power book, hpv manner labor he instructs people as to how to manipulate others to gain influence. I've done it in a Western country. In fact, any woman deep down inside her wants to be a wife and a mother. Nothing else makes her happier. But if you buy into the paranoia that AWALT, you'll not be able to give her the love she craves and she won't be able to surrender to your powers.

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Having said that, one still needs to be smart about it. Test the woman, see if she is willing to be second in command.

Don't waste time with "strong and independent" women, do not engage in sex with them either. It's all up to you.