Hpv mouth sores. HIV, erupții cutanate: Cum arată și cum se trateaza?

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Home » stomatologie » Page 4 stomatologie As you know, the teeth of children still occur in the fetus stage. Certain antibiotics, such as tetracycline, should not be administered to the mother while she is pregnant, because this can cause damage to the teeth of children.

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Now is forming the basic substance of the teeth -Then, the tissue surrounding the teeth is formed, around 3rd or 4th months of hpv mouth sores pregnancy -After the baby is born, the next stage occurs when the teeth actually comes through the gum erupt. The idea that milk teeth anyway change and therefore it should not be cared for or treated them, is as much widespread as it is wrong.

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It is true that milk teeth have a temporary existence on dental arches and in a few years after their eruption, they are mobilizing and fall! Milk teeth are also called temporary teeth.

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The first milk tooth is mobilizing at 6 year and the last ~ 12 year. Soon and naturally, baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. Because of this replacement is paid less attention to their care and treatment in a wrong.

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As specialists, we consider important to promote and argue for hpv mouth sores idea that baby teeth are important, — in counterpart to these erroneous popular ideas […].