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Share this article Share Some are convinced it is an alien spacecraft, while others dismiss it as a simple trick of the light.

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The amateur photographer said: 'I was walking after work and decided to take some photos. It was a very cold and windy and there was a cloudy sky.

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I looked again and again and couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't know what the strange light was. I can't explain it.

hpv on skin pictures

I showed the picture to my friend and he said it looked like a scene from Independence Day. It was very hpv on skin pictures. I always think miracles can happen.

In January, a triangle UFO formation of three unexplained lights in the sky above the city were captured on video. Also last month, another person reported sighting a large black disc, believed to have a four miles diameter, with multiple lights above Bucharest. The spotter describes seeing the UFO at 2.

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They describe seeing more lights turning on 'rapidly in a sequence and after few seconds it just went up, turning the whole disc and disappeared in a fraction of a second to the east side of the city'.