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The World of Angels who follow the gods, There was a young angel named Etriel. Etriel was recommended to the Archangel by other angels for his great ability and character.

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The promotion test to be an Archangel is scheduled in 30days, and Etriel was confident about it. But, he had a huge disadvantage to take the test.

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He had no experience by serving as a Guardian angels. His dream is to be the great angel and take care of every angels. So, Etriel goes down to the human world for experiences which guardian angels should take.

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Meanwhile, In the town of Bree, a small loa loa outside the kingdom of Bastea, there lived a girl named Seira. Young men in that town were enlisted to the army for the long long wars among other countries.

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She was kind of bright and active lady, so was beloved by every people in town. Now, The angel Etriel and the human Seira is loa loa to meet.

loa loa

Game Features Various systems such as work part-time, cooking, collecting, etc. Various events and event scenes Hidden stories and multi endings Cerinţe de sistem Stocare: MB spațiu disponibil Recomandat:.