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Posted by: Medisprof December 18, am marked another step in the improvement of Medisprof values.

neuroendocrine cancer fundraiser

We want it to be the best, to offer to our patients what is best in neuroendocrine cancer fundraiser of services and treatments, at American standards level. In the following part, we will present to you a selection of key moments ofas well as neuroendocrine cancer fundraiser plan of the Medisprof events for It was the first conference organized by the Medisprof Association with the support of the AOPR and Diasan medical center, at a national level.

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We were glad to exchange experiences and information about the oncology domain with more than participants from all over the country. A long-term objective is to become a national reference regarding neuroendocrine cancer fundraiser the cancer treatment.

Consequently, the ongoing training of the Medisprof clinic staff is a priority for our clinic. InMedisprof was successfully represented to the following events, at a national but also international level: The Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy Medical Congressto which participated Dr.

neuroendocrine cancer fundraiser

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Udrea Adrian and Dr. Ungureanu Andrei. All of these events we participate help us improving the life quality of our patients, because, as you know, at Medisprof, the most important value is the patient.

neuroendocrine cancer fundraiser

As a result, we are always updated with the last novelties from the oncology domain, we exchange ideas with other specialists during events and we participate to clinical studies.

Inwe closed 7 clinical studies within the Medisprof clinic, including the following cancer types: Lung cancer ex. In addition to the Medisprof staff professionalism, an element we want to improve at the clinic is the ambiance.

Bionic chairs ensure a neuroendocrine cancer fundraiser degree of comfort to our patients for the duration of the chemotherapy treatment. In Medisprof clinic, we are united in a single desire, to help people and to save lives.

Retrospectivă 2014 Medisprof: momente cheie și evenimente

And this desire, we want to transmit it also to the young French students, who came to study in Romania. Therefore, we participated to the information session for French students in Medecine organized by the French Embassy in Romania, in partnership with the French institute of Cluj-Napoca.

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Within this event, we presented to these students the particularity of the oncology medics and we offered them the opportunity to realize their resident period with us, at the Medisprof clinic. Last but not least, meant a permanent race of the patients with the life, cancerul de pancreas se opereaza within the campaign PitStops for Life.

This fundraising campaign, organized by the Medisprof Association in partnership with Pitstops.

Posted by: Medisprof December 18, pm Anul a însemnat încă un pas în perfecționarea valorilor Medisprof. Ne dorim să fim cei mai buni, să oferim pacienților noștri cele mai bune servicii și tratamente, la standarde americane.

Continuity is a key word for Medisprof and we transform events into traditions. But it is not all of it! We will prepare you more events and campaign which you will need to find alone.

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