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Diabetes mellitus-related atrial proarrhythmic remodeling in patients with stable papillary thyroid cancer weight loss artery disease Serban RC Diabetes mellitus-related atrial papillary thyroid cancer weight loss remodeling in patients with stable coronary artery disease First author: Serban RC Coauthors: Pintilie IrinaSomkereki CristinaPerian MChinezu LauraBanescu ClaudiaScridon Alina Keywords: atrial arrhythmias diabetes mellitus ischemia remodeling Background: Diabetes mellitus DM has been incriminated as a contributor to atrial fibrillation AF occurrence.

We aimed to assess whether DM is associated with atrial proarrhythmic remodeling in patients with stable coronary artery disease CAD undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting CABG surgery.

Conclusions: With the exception of higher vagal tone and more subepicardial fat, diabetics displayed similar atrial proarrhythmic remodeling and similar pre- and post-CABG atrial arrhythmic burden with non-diabetics. These data suggest that, by itself, DM does not cause sufficiently important atrial remodeling to ensure the occurrence of atrial arrhythmias.

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The null hypothesis of the research is that the application of laser radiation leads to a significant reduction, of the level of sensitivity in the prosthetic dental preparations. Material and Method: This study was attended by 25 patients, who presented 60 vital teeth prepared to cover them with various crowns. For desensitization of we used the Epic X Biolase laser diode with a wavelength of nm, with the setting of 1.

We applied the laser beam for 90 seconds on each abutment with concentric circular movements to cover the entire surface.

Diagnostic Pathology: Cytopathology

In cases where sensitivity remained, we performed the desensitization stage again for 90 seconds, increasing the power at 2 W, the remaining parameters were the same. Conclusions: Based on the present study and within its limits, using the nm diode is an important adjuvant in the attempt to reduce the sensitivity during the process of prosthetic abutments. The results of the application of soft laser therapy on the investigated group confirm papillary thyroid cancer weight loss null hypothesis of the research, the use of laser leads to a significant reduction, of the sensitivity in the prosthetic dental preparations.

Bumbu Anamaria Victoria 1H NMR relaxometry, new method in evaluating the healing process in peripheral nerve injuries?

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Nerve regeneration process takes time, and it is important as surgeon to know what type of reconstruction method to use, and also how to assess if the nerve healed or not. In vivo and in vitro experimental methods like electric conductivity and 1H NMR relaxometry correlated with inverse Laplace analysis, were combined to characterize the regeneration process after peripheral nerve injuries.

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The objective of this study is to evaluate the nerve regeneration, after reconstruction either with direct suture or silicone graft.

Material and Method: Two equal groups of sixteen Wistar Albino rats were used in this study. The left sciatic nerve was interrupted and reconstructed using for the first group direct suture, and for the second group silicone papillary thyroid cancer weight loss. After the surgery, at 4, 6, 8 and 10 weeks the rats were euthanized and 1H NMR relaxometry measurements were performed. Results: 1H NMR transverse relaxation time T2-distributions were papillary thyroid cancer weight loss and characterized as water content associated with blood vessels reservoirs, epineurium, perineurium, endoneurium and collagen fibers.

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We found that: i the first component of an advanced PCA principal component analysisis able to differentiate papillary thyroid cancer weight loss healthy from injured sciatic nerve mainly due to in vivo electric conductivity and water content in epineurium, perineurium and endoneurium; and ii the second PCA component can differentiate between the two types of reconstruction via bound water to collagen fibers.

Conclusions: We combine, for the first time, the 1H NMR relaxometry measurement with in vivo and in vitro electric conductivity measurements to assess the peripheral nerve papillary thyroid cancer weight loss after injury.

It was papillary thyroid cancer weight loss that the direct suture reconstruction leads to a better regeneration than the silicone graft. Regardless of progress made by antipshychotics,  patients have a bad social integration with many modifications on day to day skills.

The smoking is major contributor factor to standardized mortality rate in schizophrenia, almost double than  papillary thyroid cancer weight loss population.

Various theories made association between smoking habits and schizophrenia. One of them  is  self medication theory.


In regards to smoking the mechanism include the possible regulation of available dopamin papillary thyroid cancer weight loss level. Material and Method: 20 patients have been randomly assigned on 4 groups with different intakes of nicotine addtional to their smoking habits. The patients have been evaluated one week before nicotine intake, two hours after intake and one week after nicotine intake.

The control group in which patients resumed their regular smoking habits, were requested to smoke two cigarettes two hours before testing did not presented any improvements during all three consecutive testing. For groups where patients were administrated addtional nicotine intakes chewing tobacco; sniffing tobacco and nicotine patch they showed cognitive improvements after additional nicotine intake, but one week after additional nicotine intake,  their subsequent cognitive performances aligned with initial testing.

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Conclusions: As a result of patient testing we can conclude there is an association between clinical symptoms, nicotine addiction and social adjustment. Nevertheless a causal connection can't be established, but a relationship between nicotine addiction and psychotic symptoms  may have a certain value on smoking management for schizophrenic patients.

More longitudinal studies in which a larger number of patients to be included are necessary to explore this situation. Material and Method: A retrospective analysis was performed using the laboratory data from sputum and tracheal aspirate specimens, which were submitted and analyzed at the Microbiology Laboratory of Mures Clinical County Hospital between 1st of January and 19 October The quality of sputum was evaluated using the Bartlett score.

The patients were grouped on gender and age categories. Results: The prevalence of Candida spp. Candida spp. However, from all the positive sputum samples, After excluding the invalid results, the real prevalence of Candida spp.

The species prevalence was slightly different before and after excluding the invalid samples Age distribution of the total samples showed that 7.

Diagnostic Pathology: Cytopathology

The gender and age distribution hadn't significantly changed after excluding the invalid specimens. Conclusions: Candida spp. The majority of the sputum samples did not meet the quality bar of the Bartlett score, and these isolates were not reported to the clinician.

The airway sampling failed to prevent the contamination of the specimens with Candida spp. This study has as objective to determine the occlusion OT and disclusion DT times in depressive patients with CMD, the null hypothesis considering that the two occlusal parameters in depressive patients are prolonged compared to their average values.

We assessed   OT and DT in aciclovir human papillomavirus patient's group, and the obtained data were statistically analyzed to compare them with their accredited average values. Unpaired t-test, Welch, and Mann-Whitney test assessed if the mean and medians of the registered values and the papillary thyroid cancer weight loss values of the occlusal parameters differ significantly.

Conclusions: In this study, the significantly prolonged OT in depressive patients with CMD may be due not only to occlusal discrepancies in the mandibular arc papillary thyroid cancer weight loss closure but also to behavioral factors.

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The antidepressants may have an important role, considering some of their side effects as lethargy, fatigue, motor control deficiency, articular and muscular pain. As well, is well known that the antidepressants are useful in the CMD treatment also. We present the application of a new method in a case of a 35 years old female patient with a history of adenoid cystic carcinoma ACCmultimodally treated 10 years ago.

In order to minimize the odds for a false negative result, the authors decided to carry out the procedure through the maxillary sinus with the help of a needle guiding navigation device. The navigation guide was printed on 3D printer using steam-serializable resin.

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Results: The aspiration procedure was carried out. Using a quick staining procedure, the result of the papillary thyroid cancer weight loss was delivered shortly after the aspiration. The diagnosis confirmed the ACC. The patient was referred to stereotactic gamma ray therapy. Conclusions: This new minimal invasive method assures the precise aim of the lesion minimizing false negative results. It is a zero-day foolproof method, unlike dynamic navigation does not rely on the ability pcr hpv uomo the surgeon to react to visual feedback from the monitor of the navigation device.