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En Guinée, je faisais la couture. On travaillait pur un patron la journée et le soir pour nous. On travaillait avec des machines à coudre à pédales. Les gens arrivaient avec du tissu, un pagne…, ils regardaient dans un catalogue et ils choisissaient un modèle, par exemple de chemise, de jupe… et nous on leur donnait le prix pour le modèle.

Je suis restée là-bas pendant 7 ans.

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Je voulais ouvrir un atelier moi-même mais ça coûtait cher. Mais avant que je la trouve, je me suis mariée. Je suis encore restée trois ans en Guinée puis je suis venue en Belgique.

Je voulais continuer la couture ici, mais ça marche pas ici comme en Guinée. I have never worked in Belgium. In Guinea, Planters wart home remedy nail polish was a dressmaker. In Guinea, sewing is well rewarding, one makes a lot of money. I was in a workshop with 10 people.

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We worked for a boss during the day and for us in the evening. We worked with pedal sewing machines. If they agreed, we made the clothing of their choice.

I planters wart home remedy nail polish 7 years there. I wanted to open a workshop myself but it was expensive.

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I looked for a friend with whom I could be associated. But before I found her, I got married.

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Then, I moved to another planters wart home remedy nail polish. It was far from home and the journey was expensive.

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So, I stopped sewing and I stayed with my stepmother. I spent the next three years in Guinea then I came in Belgium. A diploma and training are required and there is little work in sewing. I found a place for training but as I could not read nor write at all, I failed the test.

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Sewing is my dream but now I have changed my mind. Je faisais la plonge. Comme le chef trouvait que je travaillais bien, il me demandait de faire tout. En haut, je travaillais pour le restaurant, je faisais les frites et, en bas, je faisais le nettoyage de la piscine. Je suis restée là 5 ans.

Je travaillais de 8h à 18h avec deux jours de repos.

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Parfois je travaillais le week-end. Un samedi, je ne me sentais pas bien, je ne voulais pas aller travailler. Si elle est chaude, il faut la vider dans une marmite.

Si elle est froide, il faut la vider dans des bacs en plastique. Quand je me suis assise, mes pieds étaient lourds et puis la douleur est montée jusque dans le cœur. Le médecin a dit : « On va faire un examen.

Si tu es brûlée jusque dans les os, on doit te couper les pieds». Harlette InI lived in Neufchâteau. Planters wart home remedy nail polish worked in a restaurant. I washed the dishes. [6ng25rklv]

As the boss considered that I worked well, he asked me to do everything. Upstairs, I diarree l working for the restaurant, I was cooking the French fries, and downstairs I was in charge of cleaning the swimming pool.

I spent 5 years there. I was working from 8 a. Sometimes I worked during the weekend.

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You have to go on working till 9 p. He asked me to empty the frying oil to change it.


Normally, he writes on the blackboard if the oil is warm or cold. If it is warm, it has to be emptied in a pot. If it is cold, it has to be emptied in a plastic bin.

planters wart home remedy nail polish

As I could not read, I asked the boss. Thus I poured the oil in a plastic bin and I began to clean up the fryer. But the oil was warm and so the bin swelled and melted from below.

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I had oil on my feet, but at the beginning I felt nothing. Afterwards, the boss came and realized his mistake. He asked me to sit down. When I sat down, my feet were heavy and then the pain went up to my heart. The ambulance came but they could not take me to the hospital.

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It would take too much time. Then a helicopter came and transported me to the hospital. I prayed all night long. I underwent a surgical operation that lasted for 7 hours. They removed skin from my buttocks to put on my feet.

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My boss never came to see me. He just phoned me once.


Afterwards, he gave me presents but it was too late. In addition, I never received compensation because my documents were not in order, although it was a regular job. Soit de 6h à 14h, soit de 14h à 22h, soit de 22h à 6h.