Sarcoma cancer walk

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Excessive use of hormone medication; Consumption of food rich in nitrite salts; Sarcoma cancer walk to ionizing and electromagnetic radiation. Firstly, we must avoid unhealthy habits and follow medical recommendations.

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The more attention we give to our health, the fewer chances there are for us to become ill. Here are a few warnings to bear in mind: Exclude refined foods from your diet: white flour, margarine, sugar.

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They increase the risk of digestive tract cancers. Drastically reduce, or even completely exclude saturated fats from your diet.

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Exclude the food containing additives E-s and those containing pesticides: Deli meats, chewing gum, beverages and soft drinks containing chemicals. Avoid anabolizant medication hormones, anticonceptionalsbecause they increase the risk of genital cancer.

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Quit smoking! Avoid long-term exposure to sun or ultraviolet radiation.

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Consume much fiber: brown bread, cereals, raw vegetables and fruit; Fast. They result in early diagnosis of any disfunction; Keep yourslef hydrated!

sarcoma cancer walk

Every day, drink still mineral water on an empty stomach. Exercise daily!

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Walk or ride the bike, swim or have a sarcoma cancer walk. Whatever type of exercise is good for your health!

sarcoma cancer walk

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sarcoma cancer walk

Find out how Offer your love If one of you dear ones suffers from cancer, be by their side, reminding them how important they are in your life.