Wart treatment during pregnancy

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Truly clever customers choose our pharmacy because it is the best of all similar services How can I treat warts during pregnancy? Salicylic acid: This may be used during pregnancy, but make sure to only apply it to a small portion of skin for a limited amount of time.

Genital Warts in Pregnancy ✔

Cryotherapy: This method may also be used during pregnancy and involves freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen. What is the best wart remover?

wart treatment during pregnancy

Nonprescription wart removal products such as salicylic acid are available as a patch, ointment, pad and liquid. For common warts, look for a 17 percent salicylic acid solution.

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These products Compound W, Dr. Scholl's Clear Away Wart Remover, others are usually used daily, often for a few weeks.

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